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Il Bollo d’Oro: Edoardo Caponi of Jolly Car Squadra Corse, the pleasure of the Italian car

Edoardo Caponi has been participating in the Alfa Revival Cup since 2019. The 2024 season marks his fifth season, making him one of the most consistent competitors in the championship.

June 20, 2024: Besides getting behind the wheel, Edoardo also likes to get involved in the preparation and restoration of classic Italian cars. Jolly Car Squadra Corse is actually the name of the team competing in the Alfa Revival Cup, of which Edoardo is the founder and president. With Fabrizio Sabatini’s support, the GTAm group 2 cars take to the track: one with carburettors driven by Luca Demarchi and one with mechanical injection driven by Edoardo and Fabrizio.

When did you decide to start racing in a car? And which car did you choose?

I started in 2019 with the GTAm number 86, right in the Alfa Revival Cup. Before that, I had only taken part in car meets and a few hill-climb races, but it is still a hobby of mine. I am just mad for classic cars, and there have always been some in the family.

What is your favourite part of a race?

The start is exciting! For the past two years, as a strategy, I have been getting into the car after the driver changes. During the race, I enjoy listening to the sound of the machines and monitoring crucial parameters such as temperature and carburetion.

What is the most beautiful race you remember participating in?

I will mention three, the first being the debut at Imola, which I think is a crazy circuit; then the first time at Vallelunga, and finally, the Red Bull Ring.

Why race the historic Alfa?

I bought the GTAm to compete in the Alfa Revival Cup, but also as an investment. I really like Alfa Romeos for their sculptural and elegant design. I appreciate all car brands, but the sports cars assembled in Arese plant in the 1960s and 1970s were beloved for their innovative technical solutions and stunning beauty.

What is it like to drive a GTAm?

It is exhilarating and fun because of the optimal power-to-weight ratio. A few techniques improve the dynamics, such as locking the rear axle with the skid, which raises the inside front wheel when cornering.

Why did you choose the Alfa Revival Cup?

For three reasons:

  • the Canossa organization demonstrates excellent quality;
  • the economic investment in the car I race with is important;
  • it is a single-brand championship.

How did you manage the phase leading up to the start of the 2024 championship?

In March and April, we did three tests at Mugello and Magione circuits, both with the carburettor and fuel-injected GTAm. It was an opportunity for the drivers to rebuild their confidence. On the mechanical side, the engine undergoes servicing, including the replacement of rings, pistons, and bushings.

We mentioned Luca Demarchi; tell us more…

Luca Demarchi is the other driver of Jolly Car Squadra Corse. This is his first experience with historic cars, but he is not new to the motorsport environment. Luca is young, born in ’87, but experienced and talented. He is a true champion. Last year, he won the Italian GT Endurance Championship in the Pro AM class with the Best Lap Ferrari team at the wheel of a 488 Challenge EVO. And the commitment continues this year. At Vallelunga, he debuted in fifth place. This was an excellent result, especially considering that it was his first time at the wheel of a classic car, and it was a wet and hectic race.

Expectations for the season?

I am confident. Having taken part in many editions, I am familiar with the championship and the carburettor car, which is in Luca’s hands this year. Last year, we were super competitive, ending the season in third place. It is an important test for the GTAm with mechanical injection. We hope to be able to combine reliability and performance every weekend.

For those who are curious and passionate about cars, where do the two power technologies differ the most?

With mechanical fuel injection, the engine gains an extra 6-7 horsepower and delivers power more consistently with increased low-end torque. The carburettors are easier to adjust to find the correct air-fuel mixture. Finding the proper set-up is less straightforward with mechanical injection, but once the desired performance is achieved, the margins for tunings are close to zero.

Jolly Car is the workshop that gives its name to Squadra Corse. What services does the business provide?

We prepare and service cars, with a particular focus on restoring Ferraris, Maseratis, and Alfa Romeos from the 1950s to the 1970s. We work on both competition and road cars, both vintage and “Youngtimers”. If the customer desires, our restorations can be certified by the relevant parent company. In short, we love Italian cars!


Photo gallery by Luca Danilo Orsi