Alfa Revival Cup, Canossa, Misano World Circuit, 2022


Alfa Revival Cup Round Five October 22-23, 2022 – Misano World Circuit

Round five of the 11th edition of Alfa Revival Cup at the Misano circuit just came to a close

October 26, 2022: This year’s final act of Alfa Revival Cup 2022, the racing series promoted by Canossa and dedicated to the historic cars of the Italian brand, will be difficult to forget. The weekend held at the “Marco Simoncelli” circuit of Misano Adriatico  thanks to the large amount of racers who signed up for the final round and to the exciting racing duels which, since  Saturday’s qualifying rounds, did not give a moment of respite until the waving of the checkered flag. The paddocks and grandstands of the Rimini ring also welcomed the two-day Italian Speed Festival, the event organized by Canossa to celebrate Italian motorsport right in the heart of the Land of Speed, the Motor Valley. 

On the 4226 meters of asphalt, the trials of Cavallino Classic Cup and Youngtimer Cup unfolded together with Alfa Revival, as well as a series of free slots open to modern and classic racing cars that saw dozens of enthusiasts take the wheel. An unquestionable mix of adrenaline and fun, enriched by music stands and the very tasty street food of Romagna.

Since the free practice sessions, it was clear how emotionally-charged the round was going to be, and how much the overall rankings would bring the competition to the stars, serving quite a unique show to the cheering fans.

The results of the qualifying saw the Mercatali duo getting the first spot on the grid, followed by Raimondi and Panini; Crescenti with Bertinelli came in third, followed by the rallyist Da Zanche and their partner Korber, Bachofer-Restelli next and Fromm and Giovesi-Barbieri closing with their sixth place, all on GTAMs and all with the precise purpose of leaving no stone unturned.

From the spectacular rolling start, the Alfetta GTV of Mazzuoli and Bigliazzi came out on top. The crew managed to squeeze through a wide gap on the left side of the grid, took the lead after a few laps and kept the position for about ten laps before the safety car came on the track. With the restart after the regrouping the cards were shuffled once again, and Malte Fromm took the lead, followed by Weinzierl-Praller and Antonio Crescenti who, lap after lap, lost several positions. The battle between Massimo Guerra and Mazzuoli-Bigazzi was exciting. Davide Bertinelli was definitely unlucky – despite managing to take the lead in a few laps, he was forced to retire due to mechanical issues just as he was savoring the taste of victory.

Some time penalties set by the stewards changed the final podium, with the duo composed by Luigi and Nicolò Mercatali prevailing. In second position Malte Fromm and in third Albert Einzierl and Peter Praller, all on their stainless GTAMs. Renzo and Riccardo Raimondi on board of Giulietta Super Veloce, despite racing at the back of the field, won the overall rankings of Alfa Revival Cup 2022. The second step of the podium went to Emilio Petrone and the third one to Marco Guerra.

“A definitively positive balance for the 2022 season of Alfa Revival Cup curated by Canossa,” commented the President and CEO Luigi Orlandini. “This year we consolidated the foundations of the Alfa Revival Cup’s championship by also introducing the two novelties of Youngtimer Cup and Cavallino Classic Cup. The feedbacks received reinforced our will to pursue our goal with even greater conviction: promoting a series of appointments offering unique and unforgettable experiences in the traditional groove of Canossa’s style, on the best possible circuits.”