Alfa Revival Cup, Racing, Mugello, 2022


Alfa Revival Cup Round One 8th – 9th April 2022- Mugello Circuit

The first race in the eleventh edition of the Alfa Revival Cup at the Mugello circuit was a huge success!

April 11, 2022: The 2022 season got off to a start with an exciting race at the famous Mugello circuit.  Thirty cars took part, driven by fiery drivers with no intention of missing the first, all-important round of the race dedicated to classic Alfa Romeos built between 1947 and 1981.

This edition was also the launch of a new direction for the Alfa Revival Cup after it was taken over by Canossa Racing in October. The new team was in attendance at Mugello throughout the weekend, welcoming the drivers and participants to the new vintage-themed meeting point, where friends and fans could relax together watched over by the iconic Alfa Romeo F12 van. 

Friday 8th April was set aside for five practice sessions to give the drivers the chance to test their cars out on the Mugello circuit. There were already several really tense moments at this initial stage, with the drivers prepping themselves for the race with great enthusiasm, and putting their cars to the test right away. The teams of mechanics gave the drivers their invaluable support. Some cars were forced to stop there and then, but there will be more opportunities for them to compete in the upcoming rounds of the race.

After a thorough technical check of all the cars due to take part in the race, Saturday morning marked the start of the qualifying rounds with some beautiful cars lining up at the starting grid, eager to get on the track. The competition was fierce right from the start, not just amongst the crews of drivers who already knew each other, but also from the new crews of enthusiasts taking part in the Alfa Revival Cup for the first time. The legendary Mercatali father and son duo immediately took the lead in the first qualifying lap with an excellent time of 2 minutes and 13 seconds in their new moss green GTAM. The young Crescenti-Ferraro crew were close on their heels, the latter being a newcomer to the Alfa Revival Cup world, taking a splendid second position. Then came evergreen Davide Bertinelli who battled it out against the Mercatali duo for first position but had to settle for third place. Right behind him came the new Panini-Raimondi duo, replacing last year’s crew of the Benedini brothers.