Alfa Revival Cup crowns Michael Erlich and OKP Alfa Delta Racing Team as champions of 2023

November 9, 2023: Many battles, spectacle, and healthy competitive showdowns on tracks that leave a mark in the hearts of enthusiasts. This is the summary of the 2023 season of the Canossa-branded Alfa Revival Cup.

Michael Erlich competed in the F TC 1600 category throughout the season, behind the wheel of a beautiful Giulia Sprint GTA (OKP Alfa Delta Racing Team), holding his ground against competitors in his fiery red machine. Thanks to consistent performance, Erlich secured the top spot in the overall championship standings.

Behind the 2023 champion, the top spot in the most competitive category of the Alfa Revival Cup was claimed by the Swiss duo of Peter Bachofen and Roberto Restelli (OKP Alfa Delta Racing Team) and their GTAm. They consistently performed well, earning two second-place finishes in the championship.

They were closely followed by Edoardo Caponi and Fabrizio Sabatini (Jolly Car Squadra Corse), who also drove a GTAm and confirmed their third-place position, as they did in Monza and Vallelunga

In the race for the G2 TC 2000 title, Caponi and Sabatini competed admirably with Bachofen and Restelli, delivering high-level performances. The Italian-Swiss duo, despite an unfortunate withdrawal in Monza due to an accident, was flawless in the two final races, securing the title in the most fiercely contested category.

Among the GTAm category, in G2 TC 2000Davide Bertinelli (Scuderia AB Motorsport) and Daniele Perfetti (OKP Alfa Delta Racing Team) stood out with two wins each during the 2023 season. The Red Bull Ring and Misano for the former, and Monza and Vallelunga for the latter.

In the overall standings, in fourth place, we find Francesco Ramacciotti and Maurizio Ravi Pinto. The Roman driver duo took to the track with the enduring Giulia TI Super (Scuderia del Grifone), and they also achieved a second-place finish in the F TC 1600category.

Among the standout performers of the season, we must not forget Francesco Liberatore and Francesco Zadotti (Scuderia del Grifone), capable of challenging the dominance of the GTAm category with their streamlined Alfetta GT6 2500. Liberatore and Zadotti fought for the overall podium at both the Red Bull Ring and Monza and emerged victorious in their class, I TC 2500
The I GR.5 2000 category was won by Benedetto Cardillo (GTAm – OKP Alfa Delta Racing Team) driving his splendid GTAm.

The battle for the top spot among teams was spectacular and had a clear winner, OKP Alfa Delta Racing Team, a team with a high number of top-level cars and crews.
The fight for the second place was much closer, with Formula GT and Scuderia Clemente Biondetti going head-to-head until the final sprint, with the former winning by just 2.5 points.

The season will conclude with an awards ceremony organized by Canossa, dedicated to all the participants of the Alfa Revival Cup 2023.